We at Wayne Hansen Real Estate and Crop Insurance were the first in Iowa to manage crop insurance through Precision Technology on a large scale. If you are interested in learning more about how we can make your life easier with crop insurance from Farmers Mutual Hail, please contact Wayne for more info or visit Farmers Mutual Hail.

We are now accepting applications for next year’s crop coverage. Your coverage is only as good as your agent!

Fall 2019 Prices:

Corn: 3.90

Beans: 9.25

Iowa Crop Insurance Dates:

Sales Closing Date: Corn: March 15, Beans: March 15

Earliest Planting Date: Corn: April 11, Beans: April 21

Final Planting Date: Corn: May 31, Beans: June 15

End of Late Planting Period: Corn: June 25, Beans: July 10

Acreage Reporting Date: Corn: July 15, Beans: July 15

Premium Due Date: Corn: August 15, Beans: August 15

End of Insurance Period: Corn: December 10, Beans: December 10

Policy Termination Date: Corn: March 15, Beans: March 15

Production Reporting Date: Corn: April 29, Beans: April 29


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